• Fully Licensed + BYO
  • Extensive cellar wine list
  • Family owned and operated
  • P : (03) 477-3737
  • Open 7 days - 5:30pm till late

About Us

Our Family

Federico and Meegan Gianone arrived in Dunedin having purchased Etrusco at the Savoy with their two small boys and a lot of hope, energy and enthusiasm.

They found it to be a nerve-racking time as they put all they owned into this venture - so it had to work. Over the years, they have dedicated all of their time to the restaurant, and it is paying off now.

Both sons Rion and Zane have bought shares and it has truly become family owned and operated.They all have their roles and they mix well together.

All in all, the combined ingredients of four individuals have created a busy, buzzing, exciting, popular Italian pizzeria and spaghetteria.


Federico and Meegan Gianone

Rion and Zane

Our Logo

Chimera of Arezzo - the foundation of our logo.

Founded in Arezzo of Italy, the origin of this creature possibly dates back to 5th Century BC.

The Chimera of Arezzo is one of the most beautiful examples of ancient Etruscan art.

With a lion's body, serpent tail, a goat's head, its body arching back and legs stretched forward, this beast breathed fire and terrorised the city of Lycia in Greek mythology.